Direct Network Integrations or DNIs are partner networks we have contracted with that enable a high level of integration of their network with Prosper202 enabling advanced features, quick offer setup, and direct conversion importing without the need of using a Postback URL or tracking pixel. This process is easy and seamless and less error prone. Because of the high level of integration, each DNI supported network must be negotiated with the individual network and/or platform (such as HasOffers, CAKE, etc) to be supported.

You can view a demo of DNI below:

You can also read our blog post on how to set up DNI if you're interested in promoting offers on AdCommunal and G4Offers. We've included a tutorial video as well as screenshots on our blog post for you to follow along here:

Other DNI Networks

To see the current full list of DNI Networks available, please check out our section on DNI Networks.

If you'd like to see other networks of your choice do implement a DNI with Prosper202, we highly recommend you voice this to your network contacts and affiliate manager so that we can expedite the negotiation process and get this done for your convenience.

If you have any general questions about DNI, please feel free to reach out and ask.

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