To navigate to step 2, simply click on the step 2 link in the sub-navigation bar labeled "#2 Categories" as shown in the red box in the image below. Once there, simply enter the type of offer you're looking to promote or the affiliate network you are promoting offers from.

The Categories section useful for grouping similar campaigns together. Later on when running reports, you will be able to quickly compare the performance of all campaigns in a category. In general, we normally add Networks in this section but you can also go by other things such as Mobile Offers for grouping all mobile offers together and such.

Adding Networks

In the example below, you'll see I decided to add two networks: AdCommunal and G4Offers, both of which are Direct Network Integration (DNI) Partner Networks, as examples. These are the only networks that show up by default here. Any other networks or offers, you'll need to add. The difference between adding networks or offers yourself is that DNI is a fully integrated experience allowing you to search and browse offers from within Prosper and do a one click setup to avoid common errors.

DNI Partner Networks

To get an understanding of how DNI integrated into Prosper works or on how to setup and activate AdCommunal and G4Offers (which are built-in but aren't active until you activate them), please go here:

Currently the only two DNI partners we have are AdCommunal and G4Offers. Because DNI requires a business partnership and a technical integration, we can't add other networks until they agree to be part of the program. If there is a network you'd like to see integrated on a DNI level with Prosper, please let your network and affiliate manager know. The more people who opens up and let them know, the more likely we'll be able to open up a dialog to make it happen.

DNI partner categories are created automatically and you can differentiate them from regular categories by the fact that they have a custom icon and (DNI) after the name.

Once you've added all your offers or networks, you can click on sub-navigation link #3 titled "#3 Campaigns", to proceed to the next step. Click here to proceed to Step 3.

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